Take Your Restaurant Business To Next Level.

Automate your restaurant processes with cutting-edge POS systems built to manage day-to-day operations, streamline various departments, and generate profits. Our Restaurant POS software is powered with all the technology you need to succeed in today's fast-paced environment.

  • Easy billing and payment options for customers.

  • Optimize stock inventory with integrated inventory management control.

  • Explore custom relations with built-in Customer Relationship Management.

  • Manage all your restaurants or F&B outlets from a single dashboard.

  • Avoid any internal theft or fraud by gaining total control over your restaurant.

  • Efficient restaurant management tool designed to scale your business.






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How Insynchospitality Help Restaurants?

All the orders whether in person or online go directly to the main dashboard. The automated system then takes control. The restaurant manager can monitor the order management in real-time.

Order Management is Simple and Easy

Order Management Is Now Simple and Easy

No need to keep track of online orders, takeaways, or dine-ins separately! With Insynchospitality, you can streamline the entire order management process irrespective of the source or type of the order.

Insynchospitality streamlines Orders, KOT, and Billing in a single channel to allow the staff and manager to focus on other areas such as customer experience.

  • Simplified Restaurant Billing Software

  • Streamline Table Management

  • Multiple Billing Terminals

  • Prompt Hardware Integration

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    Automate Ordering Process With QR Menu

    Let your customers explore options using the QR Menu. No verbal communication or physical menu required now as your customers order and enjoy food effortlessly eliminating the need for a waiter to place the order.

    • No App Downloads or Physical Menu required

    • No Verbal Conversation needed

    • No Waiting for someone to take the order

    • Upsell Products with Special Offers

    • Enhanced Food Ordering Experience

    • Happy and Satisfied Customers

    Manage KOTs with Kitchen Display System

    Restaurant POS speeds up the entire Kitchen operations by establishing a seamless channel via Kitchen Display System across Kitchen and Waiter apps resulting in rapid order processing and management.


    • Increased Table Turnover

    • Minimal Human Contact

    • Secure Work Culture

    • Integration ready

    • Real-Time Updates

    • Hassle-free Communication

    • Customer Satisfaction

    • Workforce Management

    • Tech Support

    • 24x7 Coverage

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      KOT Management with Kitchen Display System

      Track Resources with Digital Inventory & Recipe Management

      Never run out of stock at your restaurant with a 100% digital and highly efficient inventory & store management system. Insynchospitality helps you manage the stock within the restaurant by keeping track and sending timely notifications to restock.

      • Keep Track of Purchasing, Recipes, Wastage, Transfers, Adjustments, etc.

      • Set Maximum and Minimum Stock Levels for Smart Store Management.

      • Expiry Date Management to Ensure Food Safety.

      • Accurate Estimates and Instant Notifications.

      • Easy Connection to Suppliers and Kitchen Modules.

      • Detailed Raw Material Management.

      Online Ordering & Food Delivery System for Higher Revenue

      No more dependency on online delivery platforms when you can set up your own online ordering & food delivery system. Increase revenue and scale your business with online orders.


      • Fulfill Commission-free Online Orders

      • Order History and Customer Insights

      • Recall Customer Last Orders

      • Real-Time Tracking System

      • Integrated Delivery Management System

      • Boost Sales from Online Orders

      • Integration with Delivery Channels

      • Automated SMS for Order Confirmation

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        Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Program

        Nothing works for a business more than loyal customers. Now it’s time to retain customers with your own loyalty program. Improve footfalls and increase sales with our built-in loyalty management system.

        • Centrally Managed Customer Profiles.

        • Retain Customers Like Never Before

        • Get Customer Insights with Full Purchase History.

        • Higher Loyalty Points Result in More Sales.

        • Offer to Redeem Loyalty Points Across Outlets.

        • Introduce Existing Customers into Loyalty Program with Easy CSV Import.

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          Use Insynchospitality to Manage Multiple Outlets and Warehouses

          • Single Dashboard for Multiple Outlets - You can manage all your F&B outlets under one single Insynchospitality dashboard. Monitor and manage your restaurants from anywhere in the world.

          • Privileged Access for Security - Our robust restaurant Insynchospitality solution is designed as a fully-functional restaurant management system with individual user roles and access levels.

          • Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support - Insynchospitality is designed to cater to any restaurant or F&B outlet across the globe. It offers multilingual and multi-currency support.

          • Real-Time Updates Across All Outlets - Irrespective of where you are, if you have an internet connection, you can get real-time updates of your restaurant operations across all outlets.

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            Exciting Features of Insynchospitality Restaurant

            Insynchospitality Restaurant HOST is designed for all sizes and types of restaurants. Hence, our restaurant management software is bundled with all essential features vital to manage all restaurant operations.

            Menu Management

            Store Management

            Recipe Costing

            Hardware Integration

            Delivery Management

            Banquet Management

            Happy Hours

            Pay Later

            Table mangement

            Combo Offers

            Waiting System

            PMS Integration

            KOT Management

            Cash drawer

            Staff Management

            Report and Analysis

            Why Choose Insynchospitality Restaurant POS?

            Insynchospitality is designed after an in-depth study of the F&B industry and restaurant operations. We have developed a simple yet powerful Restaurant Management Solution that covers all the aspects of a restaurant business.

            • Easy Third-party Integrations

              Effortless integrations are available for Third-party applications for accounting, delivery channel partners, CRM, etc.

            • Loaded with Features

              Simply and digitize all restaurant operations from order management to billing with our 360-degree Restaurant POS Software.

            • Friendly online support

              Get unlimited support with quick assistance and timely resolution from our support staff for any issue concerning Insynchospitality POS.

            • Intuitive UI & UX

              Simple and clean interface to deliver the best user experience. Multi-lingual support allows easy access across different nationalities.

            • Fully Configurable

              Smart plug-n-play modules that allow custom configuration for different restaurant businesses or F&B outlets.

            • Dashboards & Reports

              Access dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection and generate real-time reports for your restaurant operations.

            Mobile Apps Bundled With Insynchospitality

            In this age of Smartphones and handheld devices, a Restaurant Management Solution will be incomplete without mobile apps. Explore essential apps vital for Restaurants today!

            Food Ordering App

            Let your customers order food online with a dedicated online food ordering app for your restaurant.

            KDS App

            Streamline your entire kitchen operations with a robust and state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System.

            Waiter/Captain App

            Set up a productive channel between servers and the kitchen with a dedicated mobile app designed to improve efficiency.

            Delivery Boy App

            Track order status and delivery updates with a dedicated mobile app created for delivery boys.

            What Restaurants Say About Insynchospitality

            Our real rewards come from customer satisfaction and their positive words about Insynchospitality. It gives us the confidence and belief that we are not only meeting our client expectations but also exceeding them.